Hi, I'm Aimee

I am a Real Estate Sales Representative in Toronto and I love what I do.

Wh​y am I in Real Estate?

I have been obsessed with houses and interior design as far back as Grade 3. I love everything about it. Coming into a new space is like a blank canvas. It is so fun to talk to my clients about how they could build a life there and the potential for the space.

What will the floorplan look like?

Where will the kids sleep?

What colors will we use to brighten up the space?

Where is the natural light coming from?

Is there room to build your dream kitchen? Where can we go to grab a coffee or dinner?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I mean, I know I am not a surgeon or teacher, but I feel like what I do has the potential to make a huge impact in a lot of peoples lives.

My absolute favourite thing to do in this business is to call a client and let them know they are officially homeowners. The excitement and joy in their voices never gets old and because I build such close relationships with my clients I get to experience that with them.

For many people, buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in their life. I am honored and grateful to each and every one of my clients for including me in this momentous occassion.

My Motto

I do the work. You relax.

Since the first few days of getting my license, I have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of clients sell their homes or find a place to call their own and I want to continue to do that for as long as I can.

By focusing on a set of core values and only taking on clients that I feel I can actually help, I aim to deliver an easy-going and fun experience while making my clients successful in the process.

Driven by my core values

My values don't define me, but they help make my clients successful


I don't avoid 'awkward' conversations. You can expect to know exactly what is going on, good or bad — at all times. I will give my best advice and honest opinion whenever you need it.


I want to to understand your personal situation, goals and ambitions. This helps me put myself in your shoes and having you say things like "It's like your in my head!".


Trust is next to impossible without respect. We don't necessarily need to be best friends, but their must be a mutual respect there for us to be successful.


I do what I say I am going to do, when I say I am going to do it. I have built my reputation around being available and dependable for my clients.


I consider my self a humble expert. There are lessons in every situation. I consistently strive to learn from my mentors, clients and those I hold dear to push me to find and fulfill my potential.

Who I am as a human

I am super close to my mom Liz and my sister Jenny — who love to drive me crazy.

I have a wonderful partner Cam — who I love to drive crazy.

One of my goals is to one day own a house in Summerhill (I am obsessed with that neighbourhood).

If you asked me at any moment what I wish I was doing it would probably be fishing.

Think We Would Be a Good Fit?

I always like to meet new people. Lets schedule a call or even better, go grab a coffee.