Search Like an Agent

If you are searching for a home in Toronto and are not using Collaborate you could well miss out on your perfect home. With Collaborate you get access to all MLS listings in real-time just like an agent.

Collaborate takes the process of searching for a home to the next level. and Other Search Portals

Wait Up to 24 hrs to see New Listings

  • Manage and save searches
  • Favourite listings
  • Only see a portion of available properties
  • Wait up to 24 hours to see new listings
  • Daily property match notifications
  • Can't comment on listings

No other property search portal can do what Collaborate does. That is a fact.

Key Benefits to You

Speed is the name of the game in Toronto Real Estate.

  • Instant Notifications — the second a property matching your search is uploaded by an agent.  This is the only solution on the market that provides that real-time data, nothing else compares.
  • Real Time Listings — the very instant that a listing is loaded onto the MLS system by a real estate agent you as a user of Collaborate will have access to it. can take up to 24 hours to show new listings!
  • Agent Level Access — Collaborate pulls its information right from the Toronto Real Estate Board's database. That means you will be seeing every listing currently on the market just like an agent sees. You'd be surprised how many are missing from
  • Collaboration — on top of liking and favouriting listings you can comment on properties to give your opinions, or just to take some notes. These comments are private to you and your agent who has access in real time and are all accessible in a single place. No more digging through e-mails.

How to Get Access

Collaborate is an incredible tool created by the Toronto Real Estate Board (the same people that brought you 

In order to gain access to Collaborate you need to be invited by a licensed TREB Realtor or Brokerage. 

This is actually a good thing! It means that you have access to a tool that gives you an edge on other home buyers since it is by invite only.

Request Access

You can do that here.

Wait for Your Invitation E-mail

You will get an e-mail from Aimee Fairweather. Typically arrives within 30 minutes.

Create Your Account

Your e-mail will contain an invitation link to create an account. 

Start Your Search

You're all set up to find your dream home!

Features that Matter

1. Access to Every Property on MLS

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    Pulls data straight from TREB's database
  • See everything agents see
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    No other app on the market has all live MLS data

2. Real Time Data

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    Access listings the second they are uploaded to MLS by an Agent
  • Get into properties faster
  • Get a leg up on the competition

3. Instant Notifications

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    Real-time property match notifications direct to your inbox
  • Choose how often you want to get notified
  • Real-time, hourly, 6 hours, 12 hours, daily
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    You have complete control

4. Save and Manage Your Searches

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    You no longer have to rely on your agent to set up property matches
  • Save as many searches as you want
  • Modify searches as priorities change
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    Set up a search for a family member or friend

5. Slick, Mobile-Friendly Interface

  • All the filters you could ever need, instant results
  • Draw boundaries on the map
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    Seamlessly toggle between list and map view
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    Beautiful info windows
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    Lightning quick

6. Like, Comment and Favourite

  • Like properties and collaborate will build you a "Suggested" list tailored to your taste
  • Comment on properties to let your agent know your thoughts about them and to share ideas
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    Draw areas on the map or add neighborhood boundaries to only see places you want to live in

7. Lists, Lists and More Lists

  • Your home search is clean and organized
  • Liked and favourited listings added to your List page
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    Great when searching with your significant other

8. Beautiful Listing Pages

  • Large detailed photos
  • Nearby transit maps to show accessibility
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    Mortgage calculator
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    Similar listings for you to compare

Ready to Take Your Home Search to the Next Level?